Foodie Fork-cast | Nutty weather with a chance of Grilled Cheese

It’s weather, it’s food, it’s your Foodie Fork-cast!

Each week WVEC TV-13’s marvelous meteorologist Tim Pandajis joins us with his outlook ahead and we perfectly pair an eat or a drink for whatever Mother Nature has in store.

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We’re in the season of massive temperature swings and this week’s weather is Exhibit A. We go from 70s to 50s to 40s all within a few days and the trend is for more of the same through the end of the month. 

However, a significant shift in the overall pattern is looking more likely by early next month. A return to bitter arctic cold is being indicated and February could turn out to be a a pretty active timeframe. Keep an eye to the sky!

Tim is a Certified Broadcast Meteorologist and fervent foodie.


The weather is a little nutty, says Tim, so we say, go nuts with our Grown Up Grilled Cheese with Cherry-Walnut Compote, Bacon and Brie.

For the recipe (and a computer screen-licking photo) click here [LINK]

Patrick (our publisher) is a food journalist and certified weather geek


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