Recipe | Breakfast Flip


The Breakfast Flip cocktail; bartender Robert Gregory in background.

At the beginning of March each year, The Mariners’ Museum and Park [Newport News] [LINK] commemorates the Battle of Hampton Roads, also known as the Battle of the Ironclads. It was here, as the Union ironclad USS Monitor fought the Confederate ironclad CSS Virginia in a draw, proving the iron trumps wood, and changing modern naval history forever.

During the event, the museum hosts History Bites, where area top chefs prepare their best interpretations of 19th century dishes, representing the North, the South, and the Navy, vying for the coveted Cast-Iron Skillet awards. VAEATS is proud to have our publisher, Patrick Evans-Hylton, be part of the judging.

All this history got us thirsty, and we asked bartender Robert Gregory of Fin Seafood [Newport News] [LINK] to craft some Civil War-inspired cocktails.

The recipe for Breakfast Flip is below; the recipe for Clarified Port Wine Milk Punch is HERE [LINK]


1-1/2 ounces Ironclad Distillery Company [Newport News] bourbon [LINK]

1-1/2 ouncescoffee infused coconut water simple syrup

1 whole local egg

3 dashes Angostura bitters


Combine all ingredients in shaker without ice for a dry shake. Shake about 20 seconds. Add ice to shaker and shake until frost forms on outside of shaker. Fine strain into small wine glass and top w fresh grated nutmeg.


A flip is an old time cocktail; details HERE [LINK]

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