Drinks | Four beers to drink now from Justin MacDonald of Reaver Beach Brewing Co.


We were happy to have Justin MacDonald of Reaver Beach Brewing Co. [LINK] join us on the March 16, 2018 broadcast of The Virginia Eats + Drinks Show [LINK].

Justin brought four beers for us to sample in studio – all quaffs he says we should be drinking now, especially on St. Patrick’s Day Eve.

Here’s his picks:

Hoptopus Double IPA (8.8% ABV) – Reaver Beach’s flagship beer; plenty of hoppy flavor.

City of Bones IPA (7.5% ABV) – just canned yesterday [March 15, 2018], limited release hopped exclusively with Citra. Soft and juicy.

The Reaver (7.0% ABV) – sour blonde ale, fermented with wild yeast and souring bacteria native to Coastal Virginia.

Blackfin (12.0% ABV) – Barleywine aged in rye whiskey barrels. Big and chewy, with spirit and oak character from the barrels.

Note: ABV is short for Alcohol By Volume, or how much alcohol is in the beer. As a point of reference, Bud Lite has an ABV of 4.20 and Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA is 18 ABV.

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