Drinks | Old Fashioned at the Hunt Room, Cavalier Hotel [Virginia Beach][Video]


Video of drink being unveiled HERE [LINK]

Walking into the Hunt Room of the newly restored Cavalier Hotel [LINK], it was easy to feel transported back in time to when the tony tavern first opened in 1927.

Oversized leather seating and thick, dark wooden tables circled around the signature fireplace where so many famous folks had been before, including president Richard Nixon who, as legend says, burned Watergate documents within the hearth.

Photos of good times past peppered with imagery of foxes and hounds round out the room, along with a large picture window gazing into Tarnished Truth Distilling Company [LINK]  next door.

It was the perfect place to relax after 5 p.m. with friends and family for a bite and an imbibe.

Thinking about drinking? Here’s a recommendation.

The bar’s version of the Old Fashioned was satisfying to the sight, as well as the stomach.

In a large sniffer, liquid sloshed in the bottom and smoke filled the rest of the glass, held captive by a coaster.

Our server removed the cap [VIDEO|LINK], and out wafted the hickory and cherry wood smoke, which had infused itself into the mix of bourbon, Angostura, orange and Peycahud’s bitters and a rich syrup.

A large sphere of ice sat in the bottom of the sniffer, and a drunken cherry and zest from an orange that had been flamed to release it’s essential oils floated in it’s orbit.

The bourbon had come from Tarnished Truth. The drink – in one word – was perfect.

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