Drinks | Wine in Good TASTE notes: Gouguenheim Winery Malbec Bubbles – Sparkling Rose’ Wine


On the March 23, 2018 broadcast of The Virginia Eats + Drinks Show, this was our featured Wine in Good TASTE.

Want to try it? Here’s some information to get you started.


+ Malbec Bubbles – Sparkling Rose’ Wine

+ Gouguenheim Winery [LINK]

+ Argentina


+ Soft pink in color

+ Red fruit on the nose; flavors include red cherries and strawberries

+ Light bodied with a multitude of small bubbles


Sparkling wine pairs with anything. With this delightful pink sparkler, made with 100 percent Malbec grapes, try it with

Wines come from the curated offerings at TASTE, a gourmet store and cafe with eight locations in Coastal Virginia, and one in Richmond. Find the one nearest you HERE [LINK]

Please join me as I lead Bottles + Bites, a wine tasting and food pairing class throughout the year at TASTE. You can find out more information or sign up for a class HERE [LINK]

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