Radio | October 26 The Virginia Eats + Drinks show lineup

VAEATSradio26OCT18jpgListen to The Virginia Eats + Drinks Show on Friday, October 26 on AM 790 WNIS in Coastal Virginia and broadcast everywhere on the web at [LINK]

On the show:

We’re taking the show On The Road to the Hunt Room in the historic Cavalier Hotel.

+ Opening music: The Candy Man by Sammy Davis Jr.

+ Tarnished Truth Distillery’s Andrew Yancey dishes on the upcoming Virginia Bourbon Invitational which takes place Nov. 3 [LINK]

Spirits sampled: Tarnished Truth 3 Year High Rye

+ Hunt Room’s Chef Sam Reyes serves up Virginia oyster dishes [LINK]

+ Young Veteran Brewing Company’s Tom Wilder pours us seasonal beers, and gives us intelligence on their new locale, The Bunker Brewpub and Cadence Hall [LINK]

Beers shared: Bourbon Barrel Aged Goat Locker; Kiowa IPA

+ All treats, no tricks with Brenda Tusing of The Royal Chocolate [LINK]

Confections highlighted: Apple Pie Apple; Seasonal Apple (with pumpkin fudge); Belgian Chocolate Dipped Pumpkin Muffins; decorated mega-stuffed Oreo cookies; caramel and chocolate coated pretzel rods; Spooky Cat Peeps; various chocolates

+ More! It’s Food News You Can Use!

Thank you to our sponsors:

Fellini’s [LINK] – Emerson’s Cigars [LINK] – Dock of the Bay [LINK] – Twisted Pig Ale & Smokehouse [LINK] – Nation’s Tax Service [LINK] – Vintage Tavern [LINK]

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