TV | VAEATS on Coast Live, March 25 [preview]

Tune In! Dig In!

Virginia Eats + Drinks joins Coast Live on Monday, March 25, 2019 at 10 a.m. live in Coastal Virginia on WTKR TV-3 or online everywhere at

We’ll be making wine spritzers for spring with wine from our partner at TASTE [LINK]

Brown Sugar + Maple BLT! What? Find out how to prepare this savory and sweet treat with ingredients from our partner at The Fresh Market [LINK]

We are proud to have The Fresh Market be the Official Grocer of Virginia Eats + Drinks

Find out more about Saturday brunch at Saltine [LINK]

And check out our Field Trip report to the seafood-centric restaurant here [LINK]

Plus a wrap up of the winners at the Girl Scouts of the Colonial Coast’s Samoa Soiree

And more! It’s Food News You Can Use, and only from Virginia Eats + Drinks

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