Eat, Drinks + Organize | Taming kitchen counter clutter

Our Eats, Drink + Organize columnist, Charles J. Williams, says a messy kitchen countertop  can stifle even the most creative chef.

He offers these four fabulous tips on taming kitchen counter clutter

+ Place only the most frequently used items in a crock beside the stove, placed according to being left or right handed

+ Weed out those drawers by the stove, too, only having the most used items inside

+ We all love coffee, but have your drink station simple, with just a coffee pot and bare necessities next to it

+ Use your toaster everyday? Great! Have it on the counter, otherwise tuck away those infrequently used small appliances

Charles J. Williams is a professional organizer. Since 2015 his Compass Home Solutions [LINK] has offered a no-nonsense but fun way of organizing homes. 

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image | pixabay

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