Happy Thanksgiving!

We are happy to have lifestyle and design expert expert Kristie Prince Hale join the Virginia Eats + Drinks family as a regular contributor. Here she shares an easy but elegant way to craft a Thanksgiving centerpiece for your table:

  • Start with any glass or ceramic container
  • It’s all about corn this time of year. It’s natural and has a neutral color, which makes it easy to work with. It’s also nice to work with natural elements.
  • Use popcorn kernels, or shuck dried corn kernels off ears of corn, perhaps colorful kernels off Indian corn, and add to the glass or ceramic container, filling about halfway up
  • On top of the corn add elements such as small gourds or miniature pumpkins, flowers, or even candles
  • This is an activity that is fun to do with kids

For tips on living a stylish, happy and healthy life, find Kristie on air in Coastal Virginia on Coast Live on WTKR TV 3 Monday through Thursday and on her website HERE [LINK]

For  personal, business, homestyling, and event services, contact Kristie at Impulse Design Group at HERE [LINK]

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