Golden, brown and delicious

Coastal Virginia culinary icon Todd Jurich, chef/owner of his namesake Todd Jurich’s Bistro in downtown Norfolk, sat down with us recently to talk turkey. Literally.

Chef Todd gives us three simple tips to boost your bird, whether for Thanksgiving or Christmas. Here’s what he has to say:

  • My first tip is to make a brine of your choice, it makes for a moister and more flavorful bird.

NOTE – see our blog post “Thanksgiving 101” for our tips on brine as well as other turkey topics click HERE [LINK]

  • The second tip is that after you brine, or not, pat the turkey dry and let set in fridge to dry for several hours so to get a crispy skin, like what you do with a Peking duck.
  • My third tip is that after dinner go ahead and take the meat off the bone right away ttomake your favorite soup or salad with it to enjoy over the next few days. This gives it a better shelf live and cuts down on the possibility of food borne illness. You can also go ahead and freeze it at this point too. 

For more information on Chef Todd and Todd Jurich’s Bistro, visit the website HERE [LINK]

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