An organized kitchen is a happy kitchen

Our friend Charles J. Williams of Compass Home Solutions offers five tips for organizing  your kitchen for the holidays, from Thanksgiving through Christmas and to New Year. Here’s what professional organizer Charles has to say:

  • If you have separate serving utensils and tableware, gather it all early and carve out a space to make setting the table a breeze. Maybe even create a staging area in the dining space if you’re not setting the table early.
  • You’re more than likely planning the menu beforehand; do an early walkthrough of what you’re preparing and pull out the small appliances and tools you’re going to need on that day. Now, keep them front and center to save valuable time while cooking your thanksgiving meal.
  • Before food shopping for the ingredients, do a quick inventory of what you already have for the recipes. You probably have more of what you need than you think. Now’s also a good time to do a clean-out of your pantry of anything expired or no longer necessary, helping to make room for the items you’ll need for your meal. 
  • General rules for kitchen organization to help simplify your meal prep: keep tools needed by the stove at arms reach. Like items should always be stored together (small appliances, serving utensils versus prep tools, etc.) 
  • If your counters are cluttered with mail or non-kitchen related items, start carving out some time to sift through all of it before the week of Thanksgiving so you’re not in a scramble to clean the morning of. If life happens and you can’t manage to clear the clutter… rule of thumb, contain all of it in a small box or tray and place it on your bed, not in a guest room out of sight. Having it on your bed will force you to acknowledge it and not lose bills or anything important then next day. Out of sight really is out of mind.

Charles J. Williams of Compass Home Solutions [LINK] is the fun and professional way to regain and maintain control of your home organization in Richmond and across Virginia.

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