RECIPE | Celebrate the season, and the season’s sweetest strawberries, with our Spring Spritz-tini

Got that bottle of vino home and want to make a special drink to share with family and friends? Try my Spring Spritz-tini

It’s spring, and lighter, more delicate tastes are flavoring our eats and drinks.

We take a classic cocktail that fits that bill – the Aperol Spritz – and take it to another level; a level that also supports local.

Our Spring Spritz-tini is a delicious offering of Aperol, a quality Virginia sparkling wine, and vodka, such as Spirits of the Blue Ridge from Chesapeake Bay Distillery in Virginia Beach.

First crafted in 1919, Aperol is a vibrant orange-hued, Italian bitter crafted from rhubarb and other ingredients. 

Here’s how to make our cocktail: In a cocktail shaker filled with ice, add 1-1/2 ounces Aperol and 1 ounce vodka and shake well. Strain into a martini glass and top with Virginia sparkling wine. Garnish with a thin slice of orange on the glass edge and with edible flowers floating on top. 

A note on edible flowers: many flowers that have not been sprayed with pesticides or otherwise chemically treated are edible. To be on the safe side, use flowers that are specifically marked as grown for culinary uses. Check with local florists and specialty food stores for edible flowers, or purchase online. Use flowers from your garden if you sure they are safe.

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